October is one of the best times to find wild mushrooms.

We have an amazing range of species of mushrooms in this country. However you need to be very careful to avoid poisonous varieties.  Guided foraging courses are available in the area, and are well worth attending.  If in doubt always ask an expert.

There’s a wide variety of dishes that can be made with mushrooms, like garlic mushrooms, mushroom omelette, mushroom pâté, mushroom risotto, mushroom soup and mushroom stroganoff to name just a few.

It’s a good time of year for game, and pheasant and partridge are now in season.

At this time of year we are lucky to have a fantastic range of apples.  Many places have Apple Festivals, where you can try different varieties

Apple pie is many peoples favourite pudding. Have you tried a Fidget Pie (made with bacon and apples)?

You’d expect Chester Pearmain or Chester Pippin apples to have their origins in Cheshire, and even Mere de Menage, when it’s called by its other name – Lord Combermere. But Lord Clyde and Lord Derby also have their roots in Cheshire (sorry about the awful pun) when we’re talking about apple varieties and not aristocracy.

So get your teeth into a “Bloody Ploughman”
and remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away!


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