June is a wonderful time of the year for cooks!  

Gardeners and growers will be starting to harvest the new season’s beetroot, broccoli and carrots.

Look out for bunches of fresh spring carrots, which are crisp, sweet and delicious (as well as being full of vitamins).

Also available are broad beans and fresh peas (which are extra delicious when cooked with a bit of mint).

In the past we’d not eat pork when there was no “r” in the month (May, June July and August)!  This was because they didn’t have refrigeration, and pork was more likely to go off when it’s warm.

Fish (like cod and haddock) have finished spawning and are in season again.

It’s the middle of the season for outdoor rhubarb. Our ancestors would cook it with Sweet Cicely (Myrrhis odorata) to make it less tart.

Tennis fans will be enjoying Wimbledon – which is synonymous with strawberries and cream.

Why not go to a pick your own farm and find out which varieties are the best?

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