There’s lots of different fresh fruit and vegetables in the garden in August.


It’s a time for alfresco eating and barbecues. Enjoy runner beans (one of the easiest vegetables to grow). Remember to pick runner beans regularly, whilst they’re still young and crisp, and you’ll also encourage more pods.

It’s the salad season – try adding some sorrel leaves to add interest to your salads. They naturally have a sharp taste (due to oxalic acid). If farmers have lots of sorrel it could mean their land needs lime!


Mint is a useful herb, and can be used to liven up vegetables like peas and potatoes, Besides garden mint, there’s many other sorts. Have you tried apple mint or pineapple mint? Spearmint and peppermint aid digestion, and you can also make mint tea.

Victoria plums

It’s also the start of the British plum season which come in all sorts of different shapes and colours. Some of the tarter varieties are better cooked. Plum sauce is good with duck, and how about a plum cobbler or crumble?

Don’t buy under ripe plums, they’re best picked when they’re ripe – just before the wasps have them!

If you want to learn more about plums, I can recommend a visit to Pershore Plum Festival.

Country sports enthusiasts refer to the 12th August, as this is the start of the shooting season for red grouse.

Lancastrians celebrate St Oswald’s Day in August with a Tosset Feast. Tosset Cakes (similar to Goosnargh cake) would traditionally be made to be eaten on this day.

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