We’re now well into spring, so it’s an exciting time for the gardener, and also for cooks who like to use seasonal foods. 
It’s also the start of the crab season, crabs are tasty and packed full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Instead of root crops stored over the winter we can look forward to spring vegetables.  Traditionally young nettles would be harvested to make a fresh soup.  Nettles are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and protein (and don’t worry the sting goes when they are cooked).

Have you tried sorrel?  In spring young sorrel leaves can add a interesting sharp flavour to a salad.

For Christians, Easter is the end of lent – which means they can again enjoy foods they may have given up during lent.  We can’t mention Easter without thinking of eggs – with longer day lengths traditional outdoor hens will start laying again.

In the past we’d paint or dye eggs to make them look pretty at Easter.  Chocolate Easter eggs is a relatively new tradition.

Lamb is another food associated with Easter, and roast lamb is the main dish at Jewish Passover.
Other foods traditionally served at Easter include Easter-Ledge (or Dock) pudding, Easter biscuits and that Good Friday favourite – Hot Cross Buns.

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